Maartje Van Neygen to get it in the south

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Maartje Van Neygen returns on Saturday, January 11th, the ” I-word, along with her fiancé, Senne. The daughter of Sarah and Erik Van Neygen be married in the church of Sombeke and then have a big party planned, with a reception and a dance party, and reveals The Latest News.

It’s been nearly a year since Mary and the Senne and their relationship with the public made them famous. Mary is currently working as a school teacher, while the Senne is working on a care farm.

Maartje Van Neygen, is 24 years old and, like her parents ‘ musical genes. She has a host of singles already have two full albums out, and this year will also participate in the festival for her parents, eric and Sarah, who as the thirty-second anniversary of their hit song ‘too beautiful’ to celebrate.

But in a marriage, even to a Point myself to a year of celebration.