Stalking the light in The intelligence department

f1996ba3f72abc93b48e9ae29fdf654d - Stalking the light in The intelligence department

Tonight, you FOUR, look for a new episode of ‘The Criminal’.

While the Team as a Nuisance, getting ready for a big annual check in Genk bars, is a Team of Youth, Family, and Morals, along with being a single woman. She went to the local criminal investigation department, after several times, it was harassed with pornographic text message from an unknown sender.

One complaint is that they she is Koen, which is often the binnenkregen. On the basis of the above files and they will soon be a potential suspect on the track. The team is preparing very early in the morning for an arrest. Team, the Drugs will be selected for a search warrant in a residence over a late-night shop, where they have two kilogrammes of cannabis, but not to resident’s needs.

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