Marco Borsato is out of fight: ‘I’ve got a ‘burn-out’

Marco Borsato is out of fight: 'I've got a 'burn-out'

Marco, He explains, because of the personal circumstances of all of his work is, for an indefinite time. In his career Marco, He is always more than 100%, and that for many years to perform well under high pressure, it has now taken its toll. After a long, intense period of time, with many highs but also lows has it, Marco, He needed a break to rest and work on his recovery.

“What I do is my passion and my life, but I see now that I completely passed through it, the energy, the way it is, and I’m burned out and have to do with it. The impact of what happened in the last few years that has happened, I do not want to be processed. I’ve had a long period of time is needed for me to fully re-charge it before I go back to can handle it.” said Marco Borsato.