Thursday-Today will be a Year with a Cath Luyten

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On the 9th of January and receive a Cath Luyten, in a new episode of the ” Today, in the year, some of the ordinary people that in one year’s time, something special would happen. Looking to talk with the 34-year-old Tamara from the Party, who is aware, who is a single mother wants it to be. Michael (11) from Zutendaal, wants to be the European champion of table tennis, his father, Geert, (40) it wants, it can even be cancer treatment. The promise of the motorcrosser, Ian (17 years of age, from Wachtebeke, became paralyzed during a race and to be able to career. The 26-year-old Jamie from Kontich trying to sale off.

A participant in the spotlight: Jamie (26) Kontich, “Today, over a year and I want to get rid of my gambling addiction”
“What I have already been gambled away, do you? That is, it will already be known to a small house.”
When Jamie is 14 years old, took over his father brought him to a newspaper and let him pronostikeren on the latest sports scores. Jamie’s prediction was off, and the father and son went home with a lot of effort. Since that time, Jamie has a taste for it. For more than 10 years later, he is heavily addicted and has to gamble his life is taken. His mother has to take up a portion of their salary, but to Jamie, it’s one day to play with it. Friendships were lost because of the social aspects neglected in order to be able to gamble. Jamie has the courage geraapt and a promise to Kate that he is going to stop playing. As such, it can’t go on.

Michael (11) from Zutendaal, – “to-day, over a year, I was the European champion of table tennis can be.” / Daddy, Geert (40) And I would like it to be.”
“Michael doesn’t know fully how much strength he gives me” – Geert
Michael is a tafeltennistalent. He is one of the top in Belgium and wants to compete for the title of European champion. In order to achieve this, it must have been a selection force, and is in the top two national ranking in the west. Daddy, Geert has been his biggest supporter, and will in many games, but unfortunately, cancer is a spanner in the works thrown in. For the third time in a fight, Geert against the disease. He has learned not to be too far ahead to see and be in the now. A father and son can find a lot of support to each other and to share their dream come true. Together to see how Michael is a gold medal around his neck, however, is their greatest wish.