Fake-news: ‘Bea’s Of death’

Fake-news: 'Bea's Of death'

Panic in the world-wide-web, Wednesday, popped up on Facebook in a post with the title “Bea’s Of death’. The message is easily shared on social media. The lead singer of Won Ton Ton, the host of which ever involved with Willy Sommers, a popular program is the 10 to see it presented, it would be Wednesday at the age of 59 died as a result of a heart failure.

We had Wednesday evening a lot of messages from visitors asking whether the news is true. However, it is not true. In the post, there is a site where anyone of any of the prank to post it and share it on Facebook. Like if you wants to play a joke, like so much that you post messages from people who are dead would be like. You must be a family member but know that you have a sister, a brother, an uncle, an aunt, a daughter, son, mom, dad, or your best friend’s death.