Erik & Sarah perform in concert in Tielt

8b8140be0f02abc9b5605c624eea7ff9 - Erik & Sarah perform in concert in Tielt

On the 29th of October last, it was exactly 8 years ago, eric and I have encountered at CC Gildhof to Tielt. Anyone who was there, remember it’s an atmospheric show with the zigeunerband, and, perhaps, continue to hope for a following part of a successful team. Later on the day, Erik & I have to bring to the daughter Mary for a tour of Flanders, on the occasion of the 30 years, “Far too good”, and it will be on Sunday 19th of april 2020 (15 pm) in Tielt to stop. The ticket sale has been running for a while, but there are still places available on or by phone at 09/386.96.36 0494/69.65.64.

For thirty years, eric and I also have thirty years of “too nice”. And it’s well worth the effort, in order that the mother-of-pearl anniversary, and to celebrate it, because it seldom had a hit song so universally popular as that song. Organizer, on Loan from the Puella to hear it as the track is going to be handing out flyers: “I’ve been a fan since the early days of the ‘too beautiful’”. All the fans of one of the better Flemish song, get it now, so the chance of getting the family Van Neygen to look at the work with a summary of their career, including “Far too good”, of course, can’t miss it!

For Flemish fans of Tielt, in fact, the one and only stop, for which tickets are available. In Eine join them in January on the same program, but the concert is already sold out. Also, in the Tielt goes to the sales: on the ground floor, there are only a few rows are to be free and out on the balcony (from where you also have a good view of the stage!) start with the small towns are also good for you to fill out. So don’t wait too long, and if you want to be, Erik and I have continued to be popular, so before you know it, you’ll be late if you have a ticket and want it to be.