Willy Sommers settles an inheritance to his children’s

855e254b6a202e8f1131dd93a5842b9d - Willy Sommers settles an inheritance to his children's

Willy Sommers admits that he’s following his heart surgery three years ago to start to think about death. Money has never been important to the singer, but he’s not afraid to admit that it was a relief that he has a little nest egg so that his family is safe is if there is something in him, and therefore he became unable to act.

At the time of his surgery on his heart, and the surgical site was pulled, flashed suddenly through his mind. In terms of succession, there was in fact nothing has been organised, which led to a panic by Willy Sommers. After he was discharged from hospital, Willy and immediately make an appointment with a tax advisor is made to be an inheritance to settle, ” reveals Willy Sommers in the Beginning.