Comedyreeks The Luizenmoeder is back with a new season

57a5c3a6390eb8c256ad09e8fd49525e - Comedyreeks The Luizenmoeder is back with a new season

As of Wednesday night, can you get on tv, watching the second season of The Luizenmoeder. Season 1, it’s not too bad, and so it seemed to be in a sequel, the logical thing to do.
It’s a new school year in the primary school ‘in The Field’ has been used, and all of the familiar faces will gather on the playground. Hannah (Lynn Van Royen) has been promoted to the position of klassenmoeder, and put the delicate balance in the school yard-ouderhiërarchie back into focus. This is the second season of The Luizenmoeder announced that the board of a new policy, there will be commotion all around as the celebration of christmas and the feast of the passover, the environment and climate change and for the necessary propaganda and take a teacher Now (Katelijne Damen), after many years of faithful service, retired from The Field.
On the 8th of January, the start of the 2nd season of The Luizenmoeder, for 10 weeks, on Wednesdays at 20: 35 hours on tv.