Birger from My-Pop-Up Restaurant, is looking for a beginning bbq’ers

bbb3d278f3f4d0e0e880d8bcaedceba0 - Birger from My-Pop-Up Restaurant, is looking for a beginning bbq'ers

The news of My Pop-Up Restaurant in the front: Birger Allary, who will be the last edition, won by the bbq band this year as a head coach in the get started from the beginning wedstrijdbarbecuers in conjunction with the Weber.

Goal: 8 people who have no experience of the league for half a year to prepare for their first-ever match in the European barbecuecircuit. Birger has had 20 competitions across Europe, and want the experience to share with start-ups.

Together with a topploeg from the European scene, we learn them from the beginning to the end of all competitions, we can include them in our Tjop’s Grill Academy, top material, and equipment, and provide all of the support. In november, use them in our region, we participated in the first ever BBQ championship of Flanders, which is important to both the Belgian and European championships. And we’ve had it with the whole team is very excited… to Weber-Belgium is going to support it at the level of the material, so that the candidates with the latest gear to be able to go.”