15 john Smith the Deluxe at Lotto Arena was found to be insufficient

15 john Smith the Deluxe at Lotto Arena was found to be insufficient

The press and the public were very enthusiastic about the john Smith performs at the Lotto Arena in. The authentic, heart-warming, energetic, and impressive, are the most commonly used phrases. The artist and the organizer of PSE Belgium, looked at it with feelings of surprise and confusion, but above all, extreme gratitude to the list of concerts is becoming longer and longer as it was. On Sunday, the 19th of January, there appeared to be irrevocable, would come to an end with a series of, eventually, in 15 sold-out the Deluxe concert tickets.

But Bart, you can’t deny it: the history of the concerts since last Friday and, after four shows in november) will bring a new tsunami of interest in them. In Parallel, it developed a push in the studentenwereld, which is an important part of the members of the Smith fans out there, due to the fact that of the current concerts, in full, the period covered.

It is the organizer to do so with all of the parties involved, and a chorus of 500 people and that quite a lot of people) to have a chance to look in order to cater to the huge demand for tickets. Be proud, but at the same time be humble and we are pleased to announce that there will be extra Deluxe and concerts will take place on Thursday 14, Saturday 16 and Sunday may 17, 2020. Tickets for these concerts are now on sale. The thousands of people who, in the interim, slim is on the waiting list were enrolled, have been personally notified and will have reserved seats available.

For the record, “Bart Peeters & the Pop-up choir, conducted by Hans Primusz” is now a period of six weeks in the Ultratop, the Belgium albums, and is currently in 3rd place, behind John Destadsbader and in the evening only. A summary of some of the highlights of the concert has been broadcasted on the One-on wed 23 december and during the new year’s night. Together with the delayed look at got this program, more than 1.5 million viewers, which is unprecedented for a recording of a live concert.