VTM NEWS has moved

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When the VTM has been a few months of operation, the removal of the VTM NEWS from Vilvoorde to Antwerp to prepare for it. The studio is located in a building of a BATCH of Media with the Mediaplein in Antwerp, belgium. If you are in the Central Station of Antwerp, along the back, leave it, look you right in to the new building, which sinids in a while, the people in the News, All of and other sources to sit. This month’s move is also in the editorial board of the VTM the NEWS, and the new studio will be put into use. But that is the end of the first week or two, nothing of note.
After the move, the news has just got in from the studio in Vilvoorde (belgium) to be broadcast. The VTM is, in fact, two of the news bulletins simultaneously to create: one in Vilvoorde (belgium) and one in Antwerp, belgium. That way, if one wants to have the infrastructure in Antwerp in the test.