Tom Waes on Friday on the Dutch tv show

50c186127f4f69cd5663a81579990004 - Tom Waes on Friday on the Dutch tv show

In this week’s Waes in the program, ” Evenblij to make friends on NPO1. This is a personalityshow with director / producer Frank Evenblij go out on the town with (at the international) celebrities. The software is equipped with all the necessary wit and humor, quirky, sharpness, and surprise.

The interview with Tom Waes (this is not necessary in the Shot, it is not until after the conversation with the voetbalfamilie Danny and Daley Blind. The Flemish actor and broadcaster, takes a Frank Evenblij to the set of the Dutch-Belgian fiction series ‘Undercover’, which in the us is One. Tom says and also spoke frankly about his own life.