The belgian drumtalent Michael Schack travels to the US

b0f88861346d52afde57348979ee5ddc - The belgian drumtalent Michael Schack travels to the US

It’s going to be hard for the drummer is Michael Schack. In september, he made his first solosingle ‘FRAKOEH on the public at large are loose, and not too long after, he scored in world news with the up-tempo number in ‘Order!’. A musical tribute to the popular quote from John Bercow, who, for the Brexit-game well-known worldwide hit. At the start of the new year draws in, Michael Schack, re the country’s borders is over. As of January 2020, the Belgian drummer and, for two weeks to work in the United States of america. The program, which includes the prestigious consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, the world-famous NAMM Show, the annual event for the music industry in Los Angeles, california.

Michael Schack to start by 2020-with a bang. The Belgian drummer’s move in January to the sunny West Coast of the united states for a series of superb performances. With the kick off on the 7th of January already, from the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As is customary each year, the famous “Las Vegas Strip” for about 4 days, has been transformed into the world’s largest tech event. During the development of the very latest developments, including innovations in the field of music. For example, Michael, the most prestigious event for the entertainment of the top shelf, with a variety of drum performances.