New Lunanime animated series OLLIE in Teen and Junior!

130f49003965a0f2003fe97611a6a3cd - New Lunanime animated series OLLIE in Teen and Junior!

As of today, the 6th of January, it will be Teen, Junior, Ollie-broadcasting. Ollie is a belgian animated television series for children ages 2 to 5 years, with a new crowd pleaser for the little blue owl, Ollie. Ollie is going to be premiered on the Teen, Junior, on January 6, and will also be available via the Teen is a Junior application and The series has been running since december, from the Irish channel RTÉjr.

Somewhere, in a very busy city and is a peaceful spot: a small park, concealed, and forgotten in the middle of the city. You can Ollie and his friends to find out. A blue owl, a small, white stork, young frogs, and five little birds live together, and experience all kinds of adventures. If you wish to meet in person, you are very welcome… if you can find one that is.

Ollie wants to be in the imagination of children to think. The series consists of 52 episodes of 4 minutes each. The stories about the wonder, the beauty, the loneliness, and the value of friendship, With a visually enchanting, the elements, you can feel the fun and excitement of the inner life of the characters. Ollie has been a series of calm and warmth to radiate, and for the dreamer in all of us can relate to.