Friend Wout Bru in Expedition Robinson

099e3fef7f5e148f3e3ed6c4ed27f2fb - Friend Wout Bru in Expedition Robinson

About to start at last, there is a new edition of Expedition Robinson, at FOUR years old. One of the Flemish participants, Natassia, From Kerkvoorde, the 27-year-old friend of Wout Bru.

Natassia is the initially of a Local origin. As a model, she has done a lot of the world, but at the moment it completes its study of nursing ex. It has been many years of high-level, old and winnersmentaliteit want to take it with you to the island. She wants to win the game. Therefore, they have prepared tactics to play it. She is a person with an opinion, she is honest and frank and say what they think.