The flemish film ‘All of Us’ out this week in theaters

ecb436d39774a578c69eae0c7a766a81 - The flemish film 'All of Us' out this week in theaters

‘All of Us’ is a tragi-comic story of a wife, Cathy (Maaike Neuville), which was only a few months left to live. She is a self-help group of terminally ill patients (Joke Devynck), Jan Hammenecker, Bruno Vanden Broecke), guided by the therapist, Els (Barbara Sarafian), who himself is in full midlife crisis is. Cathy decided to make her family aware of her condition, but she has a plan. Along with the other members of the support group, she began her plans for the future, and that of her fellow patients shape.

The hoofdcast of the film is also comprised of other well-known Flemish acting talents, including Ella Leyers, Gilles De Schryver, and Wim Opbrouck. On the read there are also new entrants into play, including Janelle Vanes, the daughter of the singer Axelle Red, and Anne-Laure Vandeputte, which is her first roll of film before All of Us’.

For director Willem Wallyn, it was his second film, after the Film 1′ back in 1999. He is also a well-known, the political fiction series’, The 16 ” on the Canvas, which he also directed.