Parents, Frederick Vanclooster, working for VRT

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“Frederick, a young man who was missing in action, and today he returned to the area of Vilvoorde, belgium, is the son of one of the VRT’s OFFICIAL staff,” which allows the VRT’s Sunday afternoon will know.

Frederick Vanclooster, and disappeared in the night from the old to the new. He was that night to be present at a celebration at The gunpowder factory in Vilvoorde. His body was taken Sunday morning by a duikploeg of the fire department and found not to far away from the place.

Not only for your friends and family the news hard, as well as the members of the parents of Friedrich are at the heart of it. “The sense of defeat among their peers is a big one. It has been a couple of news, we have to live with for the VRT to be very involved with the family in these difficult circumstances. On behalf of our affected colleagues, we are asking for their privacy to be respected”, it sounds the further.