The new season of Two to the Sixth Power

61209d0bcf328d3f55ebb919dc77255b - The new season of Two to the Sixth Power

Two to the sixth power, celebrates the new decade with his seventh of the season. Quizpresentator Jeroen Meus is to be accompanied by a limited company – about everybody, including Tom Waes, Jérôme, Françoise Lefebure, Philippe Geubels, and some surprising newcomers like Frank Lammers, a drug baron and Ferry Bouman from the Back), Kim Van Oncen, and Charlotte Timmers. They are venturing for the first time in a contest on the belgian national television. This is about everybody is against the couple by an unknown Flemish.

Each episode is Two to the sixth power, it has it’s own theme, such as the crimi, Belgium, Holland, fake news, and is 60 years old. This brand-new episodes, full of nice guests, quiz questions, know your things and a sense of humor, are coming later this spring to see One.