Showbizz-Site, which grew to 64% by 2019

fa2d094968cba394c11fba60a48f5c93 - Showbizz-Site, which grew to 64% by 2019

What a great year it was 2019 at the latest for the world of Showbiz Site, we got a whopping 64% more visitors on a virtual floor in the end of 2018. The year is 2019 and it is therefore with a great head start to the best year ever for our website.

In 2019, we have decided to make some changes to take effect. It was focused more than ever on the alert, and that has given us so many extra visitors is generated. Due to the less international news to publish, were given to celebrities from your country of origin, more attention than ever before and we want to be in the 2020’s focus.

Some of the notable trends are:

  • News from the home country, scored the best. In the top-15 of the meestgelezen posts by 2019, only 6 posts that had to do with a Family of 5 posts had a direct link with the Girl from Late Night. Notable: one more post about the Home made it to the top 15.
  • Just like in the previous years, the months of september, October, november, and december are the best months of the year. ?In November 2019, was one of our best ever, we saw an increase in the number of visitors by 127%.
  • In the top-15 of the meestbekeken series, but one series of photos that have nothing to do with the plot, the Family has to do. The other 14 are a series of photographs were of a piece series of pictures from the set of the Family.
  • We had more than ever before, tips from visitors to our site, you tips, which in most cases were correct, and that we, sometimes, are also very well performed.
  • In 2019, hundreds of videos, made known to more and more success. Our YouTube channel, took place on 1 January 2019 at the latest 11.670, subscribers, and one year later, there is 15.789. By the end of 2020, we would like to have more than 20,000 subscribers. The Video will be in 2020 as a greater proportion of our media coverage.
  • In the world of Showbiz-has-more than ever as a source of news on, and the local said, also, of our footage was used by both websites are eager to be used.

What is a 2020?
We’re just four days away in the new year, but we’re determined that by 2020, a new peak is going to be. It is still in its early stages, but we are aware that we have a lot more visitors than in the same period of the previous year.
De Showbizz-Site, which will be in 2020, with the focus on the news headlines, and video. We have to continue to series, but have to be more selective in choosing the events with which we are going to go. Events in which an audience of about 1,000 people, or more, of them, it makes little sense to have a series of photos to create one. The visitors of this event is to create make a photo and post it on social media. We note that the series of events will be less popular. We are still, however, a series of photographs to publish from the events where the public is present, or, rather, to a limited extent.