Otto-Jan Ham, with the Brain of Man, on Canvas

c682eeee608110261b424820ccb544d5 - Otto-Jan Ham, with the Brain of Man, on Canvas

In the five-part series of ” Brain-Man, examine, Otto-Jan Ham, if it is possible, it is the function of your brain to improve performance. And if so, how do you do that? And how far would you go for? In order to find the answers to these questions, submits to Otto John to himself as a human guinea pig in a series of daring experiments.
He was, however, with the help of Woestijnvis a colleague, Bart Van Peer. Bart is a scientist by training, and has been captivated by developments in neuroscience. Together, they provide a unique combination of knowledge and sense of humor.

“Otto, John has for many years been a faithful friend and a topcollega. He is a personable and good-will, but it will also act impulsively, with a stresskonijn, and is a master of chaos. Now you can modify it and improve it, but how would that work with something superingewikkelds as the human brain. That is, of Otto John, for example?”
Van Peer

Bart: Otto-Jan is going to determine how the brain, in Otto, Jan can be boost. It helps the sport ? So what is hunger, and cold, with with your brain? Are there any pills or gadgets that you can use? What are some of the options of mediation, virtual reality, and psychedelics? And zelfverbeteringsdrang also have their dark sides? Otto-Jan is throwing a lot of devotion in the experiments. Bart will accompany him along the way, and provides a scientific framework. And, of course, also, they, along with real-world experts.