Gordon: ‘I have found’

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Gordon: ‘I have found’

04 January, 2020 at 10:04 am
04-01-20 at 10:04 am
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Gordon had a feeling that he was finally the person he always wanted to be. The presenter found that, among other things, when he was in the tv show 100 years of age was, that he was on his own in a conversation with the men and women who are older than one hundred years experience.

In a conversation with to tell the presenter that he was, in the past, the feeling was still in Gerard Joling’s go back to the fall, with whom he has a number of programs, with the elderly making. “I had been to him a sort of friend, something to hold on to, that’s what I’m not. I’ll now be a pause to drop it, I’m not in on the joke, to play with. These people and their story to be told. That was a really, really good, and I thought that was very, very good.”

Gordon had spent the last year in treatment for various addictions, and it went away for a while out in the public interest. Since then, he changed the world. “You have to experience things to be different, and you are clear in your mind, you’re in there, you’re feeling fresh. You’re just on alert. You’ll have more fun.”