1 Year old is Free of charge, with Thomas Vanderveken

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As of tonight, you can get One to look at the new season of the legendary quiz 1-year free of charge. From 2001 to 2008, there was a series of the most popular quiz program in Flanders, belgium. Eleven years later, the formula for success is completely revamped, and a new lease on life by Thomas Vanderveken.

The basic concept is the same: a hard-as-nails afvalkoers disguised as a pleasant game. A 1-year-free-start with 16 candidates, of which there is in every episode, someone has to go home will be sent out until there is one winner left. The winner will receive the nettojaarloon of the highest-earning member. For the participants, it is the knowledge of human nature is at least as important as the quizkennis, because they have to make their other candidates can be evaluated.

Presenter Thomas Vanderveken: “in Each episode, once again I am amazed at how amazing this quiz is in the works. Hats off to the professional Charles and Herman! The balance is good, of cheerful talks on start to tremble and shake in the last one year. At the end of the dolgelukkige the winner. I’m actually a fan!”

This is a new season and a 1-year free has five different stages. In the first three rounds of the candidates, as far as possible, collecting points. It is important that you don’t end up on the final three spots. Because of that, candidates have to be at the front of the questions, while the rank and file of the profession to the box, jump on it. The first round consists of five questions. Thomas, a question has been put to the members exactly eight seconds to tell the player to stand on what they think is the correct answer. If a player’s answer correctly, there will be one hundred points, we can divide it between the players and the people in the box to find out. For each question, does the classification, it is possible that there will be other players stand in the front.

Round two continues in the game is the same, but instead of four, but only three answers. In round three, there are two possibilities. After three rounds, the final three candidates continue to battle in the crucible, and may be the cijferduel in order to survive, while the rest are already moving on to the next week.