Ruben Van Gucht makes a comeback to theatre

c9735923c0ea35ac586a6cba65654725 - Ruben Van Gucht makes a comeback to theatre

Ruben Van Gucht is putting the finishing touches on his new show. The sportsman II’s are going to be premiered on the 7 of February of 2020, in the arenberg theatre in Antwerp in belgium. Re-entered the sports-journalist in search of the legendary quotes from the world of sports, which is funny, captivating, historical, or inspirational quality. Van Gucht, will not only have to look at the story behind the quote, as well as a link to their own lives, and how those words contributed to his or her own story.
Ruben Van Gucht, will also be available during the second Sportsman show, accompanied on stage by the “troubabroers”, Mathieu and Guillaume, the VTM-viewers will get to know through their involvement with the X-Factor.