The father of the Waes in ‘about a year’

The father of the Waes in 'about a year'

On Thursday the 2nd of January, receive, Cath Luyten, in the third episode, about a year and a few of the ordinary people that in one year’s time, something special would happen. The 77-year-old Jeanine, from Kampenhout, want to learn to ride a bike. Annelore (21 years old) from a Arrives, the chronic form of Lyme disease, and wants to go back to a dubbelmatch of tennis be able to play with her father. Museums (at the age of 38, from Zwijndrecht (the netherlands) wants to be reunited with her Nigerian husband. And present the Waas (79 years old from Kontich), the father of the Waes, would walk to the Window of the steps.
On Looking out, they told us about their plans. For one year, but only for a few seconds on the tv later, they walk in the studio and come out Looking and for the viewers to know how it turned out. Together with the audience and her guests relive Kate’s most significant moments in the history of their turbulent years.

A participant in the spotlight: Wim Waas (79) from Kontich, “Today, over a year and I want to go to st. james ‘ steps.”
“Tom, don’t know, I’m participating in the programme, he should be in the next year to discover” – Wim Waas

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Half-off hotels subscribe to be the father of Waes, it has always been a sporty and adventurous and have been. Over the years, he is a quiet family man, but it’s in the blood, where it is not, you can use the Wim will have to 80, a life-long dream come true: a staptocht to Santiago de compostela the way of st james. Son, Tom, will, it is definitely a great idea, and it will take a few days to take the steps. But my dad, Wim doesn’t want Tom to know that he is going to play Today, about a year ago. That is a double challenge, he’s come to a good end will be for the…