The father, Andy Peelman overcame cancer

523db9c6d56e688624c113826f2ac5c4 - The father, Andy Peelman overcame cancer

Once there was a Wim Ravell, a celebrated artist, in Flanders, and in the meantime, it is many years ago that we still have something of the singer’s estate. The father of the actor and presenter, Andy Peelman was victorious recently to cancer. The day was a meeting with the 58-year-old singer, who is as much as 45 pounds lost. Not a diet, it’s because he was sick: cancer.

“I am completely healed, as well as a good mood, they’re not going to break down. Even though I’m constantly in a sukkelstraatje,” says the singer, at All. “The diagnosis was made in the summer of 2018. I have had the surgery: they have to have my stomach reduced in size and tucked up into my chest. Therefore, I eat less, and I drink only very occasionally have alcohol. I can see the benefits of it. I’m blij that is as slim as it used to, when I was still in acting.” That was six years ago.