Immediately, a 5 shows for Yves Segers

da24a1f554a9280af7c321a890bd88e3 - Immediately, a 5 shows for Yves Segers

Yves Segers has had on new year’s eve and new year’s eve, no shows, but on Friday night the 3rd of January he will fly right into it. During the first week of the new year, there are no less than 5 appearances on the program. “The first act is the “Eisbear”, on the Old Market square of Leuven, beams, Yves. “And When the Lens if the Schnappers,” adds He continues. On Saturday, He’s 3 appearances on the Sunday, there will also be a performance on the calendar. It promises to be a busy 2020, it has to be to Yves Segers, and he doesn’t complain and doesn’t work-shy.