FOUR -, FIVE -, and SIX-to exceed the highest market share ever in 2019

220335a191ae8ab5c3e45792b530e702 - FOUR -, FIVE -, and SIX-to exceed the highest market share ever in 2019

Lieven Scheire is the new to The most intelligent Man in the World, and that resulted in FOUR, but less than 1.533.666, and 51.7 % of the market share (VVA 18-54) at the. In 2018, it was the final day of broadcasting is good for the 1.256.000 eyes. Erik Van Looy, and the 25 members of the jury were victorious in the finals, more viewers will then be in 2018 and so far looked at, on average, 1.219.292 viewers watching the triple-A quiz on Landers. That makes for an average of 40,2% of the market share at the VVA 18-54 which FOUR will be signed is the market leader in that time slot. In the same period, and by 2018, it could have FOUR, count on an average of 1.027.525 eyes. The app is also more than 490.000 times.

SBS Belgium is a look back at a great year and establishing a new historic record for FOUR -, FIVE -, and SIX to close by 2019 with 20.8% of market share in the commercial target group of VVA 18-54. In 2016, it took SBS to 17,9% in 2017 and to 19.3% in 2018, with a decrease of 20.1%. The SBS end of the year, as the only Flemish zendergroep with the growth of the commercial market. Over the past year, a lot of the FOUR programs, more and more viewers rely on. Thus, the market share of the FOUR-almost every month, the station took an average of 13.1% a larger share of the market. So took out one of the FOUR previous years, with a market share of 11.8% (in 2018) and 11.9% (2017).

In addition to The Smartest Man in the World, there are a few other exceptions, such as George Late Night. The boat was not only a lot of high-profile guests are on board, the number of viewers increased over the last year. The sixth season of the controversial show was, on average, 445.875 the viewers delight, accounting for 24.2% of the market share at the VVA 18-54. This is an increase of 9% compared to the same period in the previous year, which is 404.593 viewers to date.

The FOUR grew up in 2019 at the latest, not just on weekdays, but on weekends with the live show of Dancing with the Stars. The dance par excellence was, for the first time, a place, on a Sunday night and the barn, straight to the show. In spite of the strong competition put the program in a very, very good course. Just as the Girl’s Late-Night, and The Smartest Person in the World, and went to the show this season, improving by an average of 646.185 viewers and a 25.8% market share on the counter. Last year decided an average of 589.203 the Flemish people on Friday night for Dancing with the Stars.