David Dehenauw emotional at the birth ” Armand Pien

David Dehenauw emotional at the birth " Armand Pien

The weather man-David Dehenauw set Thursday morning to a lovely message on Instagram. “Over 100 years ago, it was Armand Pien was born. He passed away in september of 2003. Nothing but good memories of my former mentor at the royal meteorological institute, where he is on an almost daily basis was like. Thank You Pientje ! For him to remember it happens even now sometimes, as with human emotions.”

During the radiopraatje for Radio 2 Antwerp at the Start of your day,’ said David Armand Pien, his mentor was right. “On January 2, 1920, saw Armand Pien, was born in Ghent, belgium. After the completion of the studies at the university, he was a mathematician, astronomer, – he is, after a short period of time, at the foreign ministry in 1948, at the royal meteorological institute started. I have Armand in 1998, when I got there, to get to know. Actually, it was Armand, my mentor, and he was there every day, and it is Armand who is of me, in the media, and with whom I have a lot of thanks to them” said David Dehenauw.