Sven Ornelis can be a drama to avoid

Sven Ornelis can be a drama to avoid

The traditions are still kept, and so it worked for Sven Ornelis, during the night, from the old to the new. At first, he had a dj set in the Casino of the hotel, and later moved on to dj for the Kursaal of Ostend, where he was in between a 4 and a 5 for the music we made.

On leaving Ostend it went wrong, very wrong. Sven Ornelis is writing on his blog, which he made shortly after leaving the parking lot of the Casino almost to a person had been hit by a car. “I have always been really out of it when a DJ is about to depart. People are coming to the party or to a club, have fun, be excited, or drunk, a bike with or without the light on, or forget, that’s for the walkers, at night the red light is not affected. It’s my worst nightmare that I ever had, after a DJ set and someone would be starting. And early in the morning, around the time halfzes, that’s why it just can’t be done,” he writes to the host and the dj.

“But then I’m one step at the time. Take a look around carefully. And if you need to, then bloednuchter are aware of that a lot of other people that are not able to do that. And yet, it happened to be a couple of hundred metres away from the beach. Just in front of my car when he came out of nowhere, but he came to grief, of course, the road, after a drunk guy right in front of my car and a half on grass, half on the road. If his legs are matchsticks that had knakten, or in a pudding.”

Sven Ornelis was shocked greatly by the occurrence of the event. It was, therefore, really be wrong, can come to an end. For just a moment of inattention, and it was possible for a drama to be played. “I came to realize that he never had the chance. I just had to see it from a vantage point, as I did at the same time, and on the other side of the road, some of the zwalpende party-goers at the time.”