Record edition Winterrevue get to the end of 2020 continue

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The all-star cast of Winterrevue-Extra Large, you can begin to enjoy after a rousing new year’s eve, in a packed auditorium. Along with the present, among us, the new decade, the annual habit, and again brought up with a tight live show, with a great sense of humour, singing and dancing are second to none. In addition, there are a few more reasons to celebrate the milestone of 15 000 tickets sold, it was removed! Manufacturer Theatertainment was able to start a new tradition to put on during the holidays, in Antwerpen, belgium. Never before were so many people looking for a Winterrevue.

Manufacturer Theatertainment is very good news, “Yes, he is, by 2020, will there be a sixth edition of the Winterrevue! As of december 11, 2020 will be in the back party in the Theater Elckerlyc in Antwerp, belgium. Stany Crets re-directed in and of themselves. What is the theme of it is, we can’t tell you. As well as a ‘special guest’ we will keep secret for now. But what we can tell, it was a fun time, where you’re once again blown away by the musical and comical talents to the stage!” – Dirk Van Vooren & Nico Warrinnier.