What If? – Eindejaarsspecial on new year’s day,

81c0381fbe09d94ba9d4ebca8dbd496f - What If? - Eindejaarsspecial on new year's day,

Settle in after a busy holiday season? Or just relax with the whole family in front of the TV? On new year’s day, the viewer is at 20: 30, contact the VTM for a eindejaarsspecial of What If?.

On January 1, zoom place Shelter, and the Like? – Eindejaarsspecial in the festive period between Christmas and the epiphany. What is the result? A series of absurd sketches that will provide the answer to questions like,… What if Jesus was an awkward teenager you were? What if a Christmas party is a disease to them. What if santa Claus does not, as the drink was? What if the Pope is to be modern? What if stielmannen a day had? What if the knights are in a good mood at work is most important? Or, What if Batman was still with his mother lived?