Nieuwjaarscadeau by George, Karen & James!

f4625adeba12d7c16ea660ba5dadb51b - Nieuwjaarscadeau by George, Karen & James!

Of 25,000! So many tickets in a short period of time, sold it for a brand new comedy, “the Chateau De”. It’s rare that a show, a few weeks before the premiere, as well as out of stock. Therefore, to announce a co-producers, with the Exception. Studio 100 today, four more shows in Antwerp. A nieuwjaarscadeau of George, Karen and James!

“When we were a few months ago, it announced that, in January, we meet on the boards I would need, we were shocked of the impact,” said James Cooke, a producer and also an actor. “In a few weeks ‘ time, all of the shows in Antwerp are sold out.” The theaterhuis announced that a sequel is in the Gent on it, but that, too, is limited to a single speelweekend due to the busy schedules of the three main characters. “But let’s see where there’s a will, there’s a way,” adds Gert Verhulst in relation to this. “And because of this, we still have a lot of fun, with four additional performances to the list.” Also, Karen Damen is very positive. “It won’t be easy, because we have to wear the piece really well with our three. However, it is easy to do, and that I don’t have a second’s doubt me!”

“The rehearsals have started, we can’t help but wonder why we haven’t already done so. It is a laugh from beginning to end. And yet, we are seriously stuck. In a tight production directed by Stefan Staes (which is like the farewell show of Samson & Gert-directed features, editor’s note), we hope to have the pleasure that we ourselves have to get to the venue, and the people have a fine evening,” said James. “Oh, James, when the people are in costume, you see, I do not immediately have to worry,” laughs Jones mystery…