The Canvas shows the eindejaarsconference of At Kharmach

aa6a5d45895686715e1188691e88be42 - The Canvas shows the eindejaarsconference of At Kharmach

On the 31st of december, At the Kharmach his debut as eindejaarsconferencier’. After a successful tour of The embarrassment is over, let the comedian in May, I’ll be the light to shine on all that the year has been well worth it. He does so in his typical, it would seem shy, but at the same time, social criticism, and especially wacky style.

It has been a while that We Kharmach their own conference would have to make. In its debut production, “The shame is over”, he was noted as a comedian he would not hesitate to use the contradictions of our time in the water to take in. The young comedian did it perfectly in the middle between self-deprecating humor, and a good gemikte comments.

In the same sense, for the critical perspective it brings At the Kharmach now, therefore, be the first eindejaarsconference. One of klimaatbetogers, and no governments, in resigning ministers, and, technically, an unemployed politician, and the ruins of the Notre-Dame cathedral, the brexit, baby’s Movements, and in the Flemish Canon in any case, substance enough to have a drink in the conferencedebuut.

We Kharmach won in 2014 in Humo’s Comedy Cup. Since then, things went very fast for the young comedian. He has appeared in programmes such as The Collective Memory of The “Three Wise men”, and Everybody’s Happy. However, the general public have taught him to know through his participation in The world’s Smartest Man.

May I take a moment on Tuesday, december 31 at 22.05 h. on the Canvas, and the VRT NOW.
(for candidates on Wednesday, January 1, at 18.50 pm)