Gilles De Coster talks with the assistance of a

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Gilles De Coster looks at with the Assistance of the wings of Justice and a crime in our country. After Strafpleiters and Misdaaddokters, he is talking with prosecutors or parketmagistraten.

Generally, it is a noble unknown to the public at large. However, they play a critical role in the Judiciary after one criminal offence, they are the ones who have to decide about the detection, apprehension and prosecution of the suspects. And in the court of law to act as the public prosecutor’s office, which is the punishment in progress, in the name of the society. If the command is within the criminal investigation have the assistance of a decision-making power.

A lot of parketmagistraten however, to do their part through savings in the ministry of Justice. They are the protectors of the community, but also feel boemannen when Justice is in the time to come. The public prosecutor’s office) are solid under high pressure.

In the Assistance of witnesses, a nine parketmagistraten, including five women and four men about their work, their mission, and their view of humanity.