Fewer releases will be in 2020?

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You may also have noticed that there appear more and fewer Flemish songs. With the disappearance of physical singles, and a few years ago, the digital business a huge boost. But we have meanwhile, in a large part of it disappeared, becoming more and more Flemish artists to bring in less and less numbers and the right side.

With the release of the single is a firm price: for a song, and, often, a clip will record a cost of many thousands of dollars. It’s going to be an investment and that is rarely offset by proceeds from the sale of their music. A lot of artists to make a single video clip in the hope of bringing one or several airplay speaker to get. This, they hope to get back the extra gigs to get, especially in those concerts, for the majority of artists, money in the bin. However, if you already have a packed calendar, you will be in terms of performances, in the vicinity of the saturation point.