Viewers of the Family’s despair: die with Niko?

Viewers of the Family's despair: die with Niko?

In the past few months it has been in the Family, there’s been a serious portion of a lot has passed, and the end is not in sight. This week, there’s a lot to be done. His take is a major decision in an attempt to Veronique for them to win, and gets the gun to Marie, in the previous season’s final wish was to use another bike. He wants to be in Front to shoot?

While the teaser for the midseasonfinale on Friday the 3rd of January, and get it with a shot of Niko in the film, is to see to it that he was admitted to the hospital, and ventilation must be provided. The statements Further indicate that, with Niko out of life, wanted to be the steps…
The spectators feared the worst and were worried that Niko will not be the best choice. Stepping into Jo’s Hands on in the Family, or the story surrounding Niko will still have a happy ending?