So, celebrate Jo Vally of the annual transition

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The year is almost over, too, for Jo Vally. Last Thursday, gave him a most successful christmas show, and final show for this year. Performing on the last night of the year is not at the top. “I’ve had years and years of encounter in on new year’s eve, but here I am, five years ago, it stopped doing it,” he said in the Beginning. “As Marcella, and I was a little run down on the new to go to in Spain. We’ve got a apartment, something very good of them, and we are happy to help. But then, on the day that the grandchildren are there, and you are left with a man on new year’s eve like at home in Belgium’, you hear it even more. Now and then, Jo will still occur, but rather in private circles. It is the first public appearance by Jo Vally, in 2020, on the 10th of January, so he can enjoy all the benefits of the annual transition.