A new THREE Boerenjaar

A new THREE Boerenjaar

Or 2019 at the latest-remember, it will be a Boerenjaar it remains to be seen. The drought conditions were the norm. The issues and challenges of the various really are great, but the passion that they have for their job is much higher. How could it be otherwise when you know that each year, 1000 farmers will have to stop, because they have no successor to be found, or because it is financially more viable. Boerenjaar 10 number of farmers throughout the seasons, and the triumphs and the setbacks. For a farmer, it is not a nine-to-five job, but a committed way of life.

Warm and generous, to take the families to join us in their most intimate circle, in which not everything is spoken, and, sometimes, strong words to attack. Where tradition and experience, and sometimes clash with the brash youthfulness, and innovation. Where are the big risks to be taken. True, the weather gods are superior to his. And that is where the farming on their land, their animals and their crops.

Family Schreurs, from Chose, Paul (58) and Dan (28).
Craft: apples and oranges.
“I’m so in love with my apples, that there will be no room for anyone else.”

Dan does love his fruit. He’s young, but, relying on years of experience, and because the apple does not fall far from the tree. Already as a kid he is walking Tumbles across the 25 hectares of fruit plantations of his father, Paul. They each have their own style and vision on what and when needs to be done. Each year, the father and the son have but one chance. Most of the harvest was crucial to their livelihood. With a heat wave like last summer, the family Scheurs cost a fortune.

The family Lowet from Gutschoven: I (49), Annick (47), Lenka (21).
Business: Dairy, potatoes. Together, they run a care farm.
“When the queen is here, langskomst, it will be on the ground, not a blade of straw to find it.”

Annick and I were an inseparable duo on the farm. They will keep for about 350 cows, cultivate more than 100 ha, and they’re growing for the fruit. Their potatoes and their strawberry and their cherries are sold directly to the customer at their residence. They run also a social care farm where people with care needs in an appropriate manner, can contribute to this. 2019 is an important year for them, and in the summer, they had a high-ranking visit of the queen of england.

Family of Wilson of Bogaarden: say hello to (50), Tienke (28), Eulaly (26), Kamie (19), Robbert (20).
Business: dairy and beef cattle, hoeveslagerij the market.
“When my husband, in 2006, suddenly died of a heart attack and told my kids that they have me in the forests help to make this our life’s work to continue to do so. It is often very difficult, but I am convinced that it was the right decision to make.”

To her say hello, is a widow who runs the farm along with her four children. They have a dairy and beef cattle, have had a hoeveslagerij, and do it every week in the market. It’s a company of almost 50 hectares, with an 1800’s cattle, it is the legacy of Greet and her husband, who, in 2006, sadly, suddenly passed away. It could be the bug, pass it on to their children. Everyone contributes in his or her own way, and the sense of family is strong. Farming is not a job but a way of life.