On Sunday, it is Hadiemicha 2.0 on Management

cd756c726ceba7de41d99b554810a78b - On Sunday, it is Hadiemicha 2.0 on Management

On Sunday, the 29th of december, it is Hadiemicha 2.0 will be back on the Instrument. It will be a special edition. Micha Marah means, namely, a reunion with some of the participants at the last check-out, concierge at The White Horse. So, Luc Steeno, Frank Van Erum, and Laura Lynn is on a visit to the parliament and of the council of the studio. The latter two are there by the way and the following summer again. No doubt we will come Sunday night with a lot of nice stories to learn about the successful revueshow of this past summer.

Hadiemicha 2.0 will be on Sunday, december 29, 2019 at the latest at 20 o’clock broadcast on the Instrument SCREEN.

(Nico Vanaken)