Jeff Vanechelpoel needs to learn how to eat

6f18a4b663efca70470dbf68bd29b98a - Jeff Vanechelpoel needs to learn how to eat

In the fifth episode of the, How Shall I Say It? ” on Monday, december 30th, will be musician Tijs Vanneste, aka Jeff Van Echelpoel, on-site restaurant. The problem is: you cannot be with him, not in a restaurant, because it will eat next to nothing. Vegetables and fruit are going to be there for him unless they are mixed into porridge, which is his wife, Lisse, the netherlands, is incredibly childish to find. If you, as a small child, it acts as a small child to be treated.

A hairdresser has to meet her to work hard, but it was during one of her breaks at work, the constant use of her mobile phone constantly. According to her, lady Famke can gradually be said to be an Instagram addiction. How Can I Say This? send meet her at a training course, but then it breaks down there’s a fire in the building. How to respond when the fire-fighters, who should be evacuated are more concerned with their Instagram updates on the evacuation with the hashtag dramatic filter with safety.
About the safety, said, Michael, leave the door of his room is always wide open. Be problematic, according to kotbazin Bobby, because sooner or later, there is one person with bad intentions. For example, a vagabond of his room when fox’s cave’, as it is not too late yet, at least…

Hanne has it been with the zwerverlook of her best friend, Stef. It is found that, after 7 years, take the time to do something else, but This would still be a long way to say goodbye to his hair.
In spite of the massive ‘do not feed’signs can be found in parks, people will still be happy to have their bread bag empty for ducks to feed. That’s why the ducks themselves have a unique set-up.