For the French, the Purchaser will by 2020 be a great year

05358f2cd82ca0d518cf8e4eefe14afe - For the French, the Purchaser will by 2020 be a great year

When Bauer was a guest at ‘The on AND said to the singer, that, by 2020, a great year for him, it’s going to be. There are, in any case, exciting things are on the schedule.
So, will the French show up in a lot of stuff on the screen. Without too much detail to ruin it, he said, is that there will be a new itinerary for him to arrive. Surprisingly, it is also a new program in which French is the Purchaser, his serious side shows that it is the other side of that is that the viewer will often not know him. And then, there’s also a music player and that he is going to be presented.

The musical will be there next year for a new tour to the Netherlands. In Flanders, the French Purchaser has to show up in a number of theatres, such as Bruges, Brussels and Antwerp in belgium. In this show, the sympathetic Dutchman for 2.5 hours, giving the best of themselves with the levensliedjes, but the songs just to listen to it can be dealt with. This new show is going to Bauer to return to the basics, such as he shall appoint.