The new season will look at Me Like

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From the 7th of January, and the weather, you can enjoy a new edition of the fiction series, See me, happy to help. Anna, Nicole, Sas, Gunter, and I’m bumping up to a lot of relationship problems. Anna, Alejandra Theus), after three months of her twenty-year-old boyfriend, Jean-Philippe (Warre Borgmans) live under the same roof. He is a surgeon, a widower, and has a sixteen-year-old daughter, Eva Annabet Ampofo). Anna wants to be the best plusouder, but it is a new compound family will not have a good start. The big (Mo (Baker) requires a lot of attention, Jean-Philippe, Reed (Kes Baker) is in his puberjaren.

It also appears with a new face in the series: She (Molly The Great) moves in with her daughter, Nicole (New Levels). The mother and daughter have a love-hate liefdverhouding. It’s a good idea to include a constant in each other’s way?