Margot Hallemans to put mom in a birthday

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Actress Margot Hallemans have a very pleasant day a good. Of course, Christmas is celebrated within the family, Hallemans, there was still celebrated: the birthday of the mother of Margot. “Yesterday, christmas day, boxing day. But also my mom’s birthday. My rock in all things. My queen,” wrote the actress on Instagram. “Mom, every year on the 25/12, I am even more grateful that you are there. Thanks to you, I am there. And wow, I am so happy. Thank you for all the unconditional love for 26 years. You see, what you will give, I will give to you in return. That is, the act of love. Hip-hip-hooray, mom, and a lot of the precious gift of moments together. Nice to see you,” concludes the actress on Instagram.