Julie Vermeire’s right, dad, Jacques

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He had to be content with a 66th place in The 100 Belgians in 2019, they state on the 19th. Julie Vermeire, gives her father, Jacques, Vermeire into the ground. “In the past, and wanted the fans to take their picture with my dad, and now me,” laughs the 21-year-old daughter of Jacques Vermeire and Eva Pauwels is in The News on Friday. A few months ago, played by Julie Vermeire at ‘Dancing With The Stars ” in FOUR, and today she is doing an internship at the company behind the program. Julie is telling us about The Latest News is that last year they still have a shy giechelmeisje and that they are a result of her participation in the programme itself, it has been discovered. People saw it as a young woman, who herself remained the same, and the week after a week for the moisture to get in between the well-known people to survive, and there she is, with a shine to it.