Jean-Marie and Carmen for Our opening season’s Greetings From the….

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Time travel? It can be done! Or if it’s An Lemmens on it, because it’s a new season of Greetings send them, as from the 7th of January 2020 and every Tuesday night again, in a whole range of well-Known Flemish people in spain. During a nostalgic weekend as we rediscover them, together with their families, the music, the toys, television shows, and the clothes from when they were 12 years old. For the fourth season, among other things, the Pfaffs and their children for the first time together on network television. In addition, crawling is also New Levels, and a family of her own, and Goedele Liekens, and her two daughters in the teletijdmachine.

In the first episode of the new season on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020, the return of the Family to Our back to 1965 to get together to celebrate christmas. In the year in which the christmas tree is still decorated with actual candles, you’ll be in each and every wardrobe, or a miniskirt and was in The Band and their debut album made it to the big screen with the film ‘Help!’. But it is also the year that Jean-Marie Pfaff 12.

Using a christmas card in 1965, out, Jean-Marie (66), Carmen (63), grand-daughter Shania (19) and a grandson, Kenji (18) the address, too. “We’re all in for a problem, because there is no gps,” laughs Carmen, where An Lemmens them is the key to the Opel Kadett A hand. Jean-Marie is enthusiastic: “It brings a lot of memories with it… In a car, do you have a good about one’s billekes be very pleased.”
After a ride in the car, karaoke, in which Shania and Kenji to meet up with the music from 1965, and it’s time for our first stop: a mobile home, in which nephews, Liam (13), Keano (15th) make their appearance. Shania and Kenji have already an interesting discussion in itself: “I am not a house husband, says Kenji, “But that seems to me to have fun!”. “You? You can’t even be yours to bring down, what are you going to administer it?”, he laughs Shania.