Els de Schepper is the victim of verkeersagressie

f5e0e49a0e65af9de827bc643bcbef2d - Els de Schepper is the victim of verkeersagressie

There are walking and driving at this time of the year for people with a short fuse around it. The stress of the holidays makes a lot of people at the tip of the toes in walking, and there are often a victim of it. Go and talk to Alder, the Creator of us all. It was a Thursday, called us names we can read about it on Facebook.
“To the lady, who just at 16 you are at Alfons Braeckmanlaan in Sint-Amandsberg thought of me as the skin to be full of shouting and loud noise, with the car next to me stopped, and therefore the full movement in the war and it helped to make me at length to try to make it clear that I entirely undeserved, on the road, rode my bicycle, also a pleasant party during the festival! Hopefully, you take your frustration on me today, and don’t have to be your place tonight, so don’t have to pay for it…”