Tonight, rolling with tears, in this day, in a year’

Tonight, rolling with tears, in this day, in a year'

On Thursday, the 26th of december will receive Cath Luyten, in the second episode, about a year and a few of the ordinary people that in one year’s time, something special would happen. Thus, there is a Annelieke (31 years old) from Europe, who as well as being deaf, and will once again be able to hear it. The 26-year-old Jaimie out It has Down’s syndrome and wants to be a DJ at a dance festival. Badr (17 years old) from Saint-Gilles, want to have a medal in taekwondo at the Olympic jeugdspelen in Argentina. And Danny’s (52 years old from Bilzen, and are the people She (27 years old, Account)) both have a life-threatening cancer and the work of a bucketlist off.
On Looking out, they told us about their plans. For one year, but only for a few seconds on the tv later, they walk in the studio and come out Looking and for the viewers to know how it turned out. Together with the audience and her guests relive Kate’s most significant moments in the history of their turbulent years.

The participants in the spotlight: Joanna (27), Danny (52) from Account) and Bilzen: “Today, over a year and we want to do as much as possible out of life.”
Peter and the people, and that’s the band that Danny and Joan to have it. In a close-knit bond that only strengthens when they are shortly after each other, with the same diagnosis were: life-threatening cancer. But for the remain is not in their DNA. “Danny gave it to his people immediately, as a symbolic gift: a bucketlist. For a list of all the fun things that they want to complete. In fact, while it looks the future is not bright, but She is, and Danny is determined to be twelve months of Kate to come and tell us what are the memorable moments they have experienced.
It was Jokes, and Danny’s greatest wish is to be a year later with an extensive report to come out on to the dreams that they realized we had. But it’s a fact that Danny is in the studio with Kenny, Polly’s brother. For three months after her conversation with Kate, is She is dead. She was, however, her brother, and her and peter would come and tell us about the beautiful moments that they have experienced and hold dear, and the Jokes, a message to share to all fellow sufferers – a message of love and the heart.

Annelieke (31) Europe – “to-day, in the year, I want to be able to hear”
“The point is that I want for my children to hear and play it in another room, I’ll have a vreugdedansje you.” – Annelieke
Then Annelieke as the class enters, have thought of the teachers that she was a naughty kid that has never listened to them. But soon, it became apparent that Annelieke have a serious hearing problem was. In the first class, she got her first hearing aids. Her condition was gradually becoming worse and today it is Annelieke is completely deaf and she had her devices is not wearing it. And even with the gehoorondersteuning, it has a lot of trouble to have a conversation, to be able to follow it or to hear it in another room. There’s Annelieke have only one option: surgery to receive a cochlear implant will be placed. That is, it is not without its risks, given that the auditory nerve is cut. But, Annelieke does it have to be the voice of her children will finally be able to hear.