‘Ibrahimovic will be after zevenenhalf year at AC Milan’

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‘Ibrahimovic will be after zevenenhalf year at AC Milan’

December 26, 2019 19:34
26-12-19 at 19:34
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic seems to be a return to AC Milan-to-face. According to a variety of media-drawing, the Swedish striker’s contract for six years at the Italian club, with an option for one more season.

The 38-year-old Ibrahimovic will be in accordance with, inter alia , The Cards in the short term, Milan are going to be the last of the formalities to be completed. He’s without a club since last month to resign from the Los Angeles Galaxy has announced.

Earlier this month, confirmed a close range to the rumors of a return to Italy. “I’m going to go to a club that needs to win, its history will need to renew it, and you are looking for a new challenge,” he appeared to be, then goals for AC Milan. “I hope to see you soon in Italy.”