Viewers will get annoyed at bugs in the Family

3db94100a240727f2492676da94ef466 - Viewers will get annoyed at bugs in the Family

For the fans of ‘Friends’ were nice to see, with the stories told by the family Van den Bossche, working and, especially, on social media, a lot of comments on it. That’s for the fans to watch carefully, which is proven by the fact that it is the one mistake after the other to notice. A bottle of coke that one time, half full, and five seconds later all the way in with a bottle of coke zero, just as, later, a regular coke, it’s all in the Family.

The same applies to the birth of Hanne Van den Bossche. One of the abdomen, you have nothing to notice the other day that she has a big belly. Quentin, a friend of Hanne told me that he was the baby in the And belly, felt a kick, but according to the viewers can’t do that if you are 12 weeks pregnant. And then there’s also the ultrasound to get the gender of your baby-to-be determined. That would be at this stage of the pregnancy, with only a small blood sample will be possible.

Wim Feyaerts, director of the Family reacts in a Family that you may have an error in my calculation, have to be made, for Hanne’s 7 may be calculated. But whether or not the baby is, as long as he will let you wait is the question. A lot of viewers are afraid of a miscarriage…