Ruth Beeckmans, get a lovely gift from her man

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Actress Ruth Beeckmans, is a happy woman. On christmas eve, she received a special gift, a ring, which is a long story attached to it. “Yesterday I received from my wonderful husband and in-laws of this ring as a gift. A family heirloom that’s always been worn by their beloved “Bommake”. I can’t tell you how honored and proud I am that I am, this ring may be worn. I will have to look very, very carefully, and try to live up to her example, to love and be warm to all people, especially those who live in a less easy path, that stretches. And the brave and the righteous, for they are also. And it’s funny, greatly amusing. And it is neat and organized and a good cook (it may have been the last things for me to do not straight going to do it, but I will try it”, winks the actress.